Olé - World cup tracker

OLÉ is a simple and colourful companion for the 2014 world cup in Brazil. Many of the schedules, calendars and tools already out there felt a little flat and often not that easy to use - You may have checked the match times in one app and then used another to find out which TV channel the match was being shown on. With OLÉ we wanted to bring all of that information together in a site that was as colourful and bold as the World cup itself.

Whilst searching for visual references and inspiration I stumbled upon a great set of shield designs by Brazilian designer - Leandro Urban. I contacted him asking if he would like to be part of the project and if we would be able to use his designs for OLÉ - he said yes!

The project was live throughout the world cup, providing up to date results on each of the matches and even displaying multiple live scores with a rotating ‘ticker tape’ style footer. For the final between Germany and Argentina we created a special takeover featuring stats of the 2 teams and their road to the final.

OLÉ received a Mobile FWA award on 13 July 2014


Code Computerlove

Art Direction